GreatestFart is a learning hub for SEO and Blogging. It aims to provide practical strategies to your internet marketing and content promotion goals. It can make you learn SEO and Blogging in quickest, simplest and most effective ways.

GreatestFart is currently driven by an individual. He has committed to take you to the next level in SEO and Blogging. He will ride you towards your success dreams no matter what niche you are targeting. This is the site which helps you in Blogging, like blogging tricks, coding, widgets, templates, which suits best on your blog.

This blog not only provides u information about blogging, but also computer programming, graphics, tricks, u can also read news about viral, technology, science, entertainment, and much more exciting kinds of stuff. Every article published on GreatestFart with a hope that this help the Entrepreneur.

The main motive of this site is to give comprehensive knowledge about anything and help the newbies in this world. You can trust with your blind eyes on our articles or the things we provided you.

The blog GreatestFart that we made is not for the limited time or limited use or we just close down after the month's and weeks. But u use it as your daily routine, we published two or more post daily, from which u get your own personal information. If u want to request for the tutorial that is not published on our site, you can freely contact us free on our Contact Us Page. We are welcome you 24/7 and always share your feedback about our site. Your feedback is most important to us.

"Blogging is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme. It's more like a #WORKFORFREEFORALONGTIMEANDTHENREAPYOURREWARD Type of Plan "
Mohammad Hamza
Mohammad Hamza is the founder of GreatestFart. His passion for blogging engrossed him into this field at the age of 10. He loves to do deep research in that niche to keep him super updated. And, committed to guiding you to take your SEO to the Next Level. He provides best practical and actionable strategies to drive more traffic.

He founded this site on 2016, he is a young blogger from Pakistan, Karachi. He is 16 years old blogger. He blessed the art of blogging, by Almighty Allah. In his leisure time, he used to play with graphics and programming codes, etc. He started his career like u say that he is the person who doesn't know the little about blogging, he started taking interest in blogging, when he see his one of friends making the websites. And he is now a web designer

He can make you understand anything as he has got exceptional understanding abilities and analytical skills. He loves to optimize everything in his real life. That passion for optimization captivated him to learn SEO.
"With your words, you have the power to change the world"
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What Is The Purpose Of Making This Site ?

As every site have their own purpose that why they are created. We also have the purpose to you people learn about blogging, updated u with the latest news, and upcoming and latest games are also here.  As some people think that this site contains copyright contents and duplicate things, etc. Remember we people hate duplicate content and copyrighting materials.

We always test the tricks and thing before we going published on the site. All the things are our own. Every article published here with the great hope that this will be helpful to anyone. ☺



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